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航運術語縮寫大全(五) AA Always afloat 經常漂浮

  AA Always accessible 經常進入

  AA Average adjusters 海損理算師

  AAR Against all risks 承保一切險

  AB Able bodied seamen 一級水手

  AB Average bond 海損分擔證書

  A/B AKtiebolaget (瑞典)股份公司

  A/B Abean 正 橫

  ABS American Bureau of Shipping 美國船級協會

  ABT about 大約

  ABB Abbreviation 縮略語

  A/C,ACCT Account 帳目

  AC Alter couse 改變航向

  AC Account current 活期存款,來往帳戶

  AC Alernating current 交流電

  ACC Accepted; acceptance 接受,同意

  ACC.L Accommodation ladder 舷梯

  A.&C.P. Anchor & chains proved 錨及錨鏈試驗合格

  ACV Air cushion vehicle 氣墊船

  ACDGLY Accordingly 遵照

  AD Anno Domini 公元后

  AD After draft 后吃水

  ADD Address 地址

  ADDCOM Address commission 租船傭金

  ADF Automatic direction finder 自動測向儀

  AD VAL Ad valorm 從價(運費)

  ADV Advise;advice; advance 告知;忠告;預支

  A/E Auxiliary engine 輔機

  AF Advanced freight 預付運費

  AFAC As fast as can 盡可能快地

  AF Agency fee 代理費

  AFP Agence France press 法新社

  AFS As follows 如下

  AFT After 在。。。之后

  A/G Aktiengeselskabet (德)股份公司

  AG Act of god 天災

  AGRIPROD Agricultural products 農產品

  AGN Again 再

  AGT Agent 代理

  AGW All going well 一切順利

  AH After hatch 后艙

  AHL Australian hold ladder 澳洲艙梯

  AL 1st class ship at Lloyd’s 勞氏一級船

  AM Ante meridiem 上午

  A/M Above mentioned 上面提及的

  AM Amplitude modulation 調幅

  AMC Armed merchant cruiser 武裝商船隊

  AMT Amount 金額

  AMVER Automated Mutual Vessel Rescue system 商船自動保管系統

  AOB As on board 如在船上

  A/O and / or 和/或

  AOD As on delivery 如同交船

  AOR As on redelivery 如同還船

  AP Associated press 美聯社

  AP All purpose 通用

  AP Additional perils 附加風險

  AP Age premium 船齡保險費

  AP Addtional premium 附加保險費

  APPROX Approximate; approximately 大概,大概地

  APS Arrive pilot station 抵達引水站

  AR All risks; against all risks 一切奉賢;承保一切險

  ARR Arrive; Arrival 抵達

  ARRG Arrange (for) 安排

  ART Article 物品,條目

  AS Arrived ship 抵達船舶

  AS After sight 見票后(遠期)

  AS Average statement 海損理算書

  AS Alongside 船邊

  AS Annual survey 年檢

  ASA Always safely afloat 經常安全漂浮

  ASAP As soon as possible 盡快

  AT American terms(grain) 美國(谷物)條款

  ATC All time to count 計入全部時間

  ATL Actual total loss 實際全損

  ATS All time saved 節省全部時間

  ATTN Attention(to) 注意

  AUT CP American Union Transportation Charter Party 美國工會運輸租約

  AUG August 八月

  AUX Auxiliary 輔助的

  AV Avenue 街道

  AV Average 平均的;海損

  AVR Automatic voltage regulator 自動電壓調節器

  AV Average speed 平均航速

  AWB Air way bills 航空提單

  ABS.STA Abstract statement 摘要

  ADDEE,ADD’SEE Addressee 收信人,收報人

  A/N Above named 上述的

  APP Appendix 附錄

  APV Approve; Approval 批準,核準

  A/S As stated 如上述

  BEC Because 因為

  B.D.I. Both dates inclusive 包括首尾兩日

  BE(NDS) Both ends 雙邊(裝卸兩港)

  BHP Brake horse power 制動馬力

  BE Bill of exchange 匯票

  BDS Board(timber) 木板

  BIZ Business 業務、商務

  B’DLE Bundle 捆

  BH Bill of health 健康證書

  BD Bar draught 過灘吃水

  BGN Begin 開始

  B4,BF Before 在。。。之前

  BBC British Broadcasting Corp. 英國廣播公司

  BC British Corporation 英國船級社

  BAL Balance 收支平衡;余額

  BC Bulk carriers 散裝船

  BAF Bunker adjustment factor 燃油附加費

  BB Below bridge 橋樓下

  BD Bank draft 銀行匯票

  B/C Blue card 蘭卡

  BB Ballast bonus 空放費

  BCREC Bale capacity remaining in each compartment 每小艙剩余的包容積

  BC Before the birth of Jesus Christ 公元前

  BALTIME 1939 The Baltic& International Maritime Conference Uniform Time

  Charter 1939 1939年波羅地海海運會議的統一期租約

  BE Bill of entry 進口報告書

  BG Bonded goods 保稅貨物

  BC Bareboat charter 光船租賃

  B/L Bill of lading 提單

  BNK Bank 銀行

  BP British Petroleum 英國石油公司

  BPGC Bearing per gyro compass 電羅徑方位

  BOD Bunkers on delivery 交船燃油

  BOR Bunker on redlivery 還船燃油

  B/ Booking note 訂艙單

  B/O Branch office 分支機構

  BM Breadth amidship (船)中寬

  BOT Board of Trade (英)商務部

  BLDG Building 建筑物,大樓

  BLT Built 建造

  BOFR best offer 最佳極盤

  B/O Branch office 分支機構

  BO Buyer’s option 買方選擇

  BPSC Bearing per steering compass *舵羅徑方位

  BRL Barrel 桷

  BR Branch 分支,分公司

  BS Bioler survey 鍋爐檢驗

  BS Balance sheet 決算表

  BS Bill of sale 抵押證券

  BS Bill of store 船上用品免稅單

  B/S Bags; bales 包;袋

  B/ST Bill of sight 即期匯票

  BST British Summer Time 英國夏季時間

  BST Beijing Summer Time 北京夏季時間

  B.SEA Black sea 黑海

  BT Berth terms(liner terms) 班輪條款

  BTN Between 在。。。中間

  BV Bureau eritas 法國船級協會(社)

  BW Bonded warehouse 保稅倉庫

  BWT Ballast water tank 壓艙水柜

  BC Birth certificate 出生證明

  B.D. Brought down 接下頁

  C Centigrade 度

  CABADD Cable Address 電報掛號

  CAPT. Captain 船長

  CAL Caliber 口徑

  CAP Containerized at pier 在碼頭裝箱

  CBN Container booking note 集裝箱訂艙單

  CC Carbon copy (to) 抄送

  CC Convertible currency 兼用貨幣

  CC Current cost 時價

  CC Civil commotions 內亂

  CC Continuation clause 連續條款

  CC Chamber of Commerce 商會

  CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade 中國國際貿易促進委員會

  CCS Convertible Container ship 兼用集裝箱船

  C&D Collected and delivered 運費收訖和貨物交畢

  CDI Course deviation indicator 航偏指示器

  C/D Commercial dock 商業碼頭

  C/D Cancelling date 銷約日

  CD Consular declaration 領事聲明

  CF Cargo fall 吊貨索

  CUBF,C.F. Cubic feet 立方英尺

  CFM Confirm 確認

  CFS Container freight station 集裝箱貨運站

  CG Coast guard 海岸警備隊

  CGA Cargo’s proportion of general average 共同海損的貨物分攤額

  CHENG,C/E Chief engineer 大體

  CHOP Charterer’s option 租方選擇

  CHOFF,C/OFF Chief officer 大副

  CHQ Cheque 支票

  CHRTRS Charterers 租船人

  CI Cargo insurance 貨物保險

  CI Crew Insurance 船員保險

  CI Consular invoice 領事簽證

  C & I Cost and insurance 貨價加保險

  C/I Certificate of insurance 保險證書

  CIA Cash in advance 現金借支

  CIF Cost, insurance and freight 到岸價格

  CIF & E Cost, insurance, freight and exchange 到岸價格加匯費

  CIMT Convention of international Multimodal Transport 國際多式聯運公約

  CLD Cleared 辦清出口手續

  CL Clause 條款

  C/L Crew list 船員名單

  CLC Civil Liability Certificate 油污證書

  CMEA Council for Mutual Economic Assistance 經互會

  CMT Custom marine towage 海上習慣拖帶

  CN Contract number 合同號碼

  CN Cover note 認保單

  CN Credit note 貨款通知單

  CN Consignment note 發貨通知單

  CN Certificate of nationality 船籍證書

  CNEE Consignee 收貨人

  C/O Care of 由。。。轉給

  C/O Certificate of origin 原產地證

  CO. Company 公司

  C/O Cash order 現金匯單

  CO2 Carbon dioxide 二氧化碳

  COA Contract of affreightment 運輸合同

  COD Cash on delivery 現金交貨(貨到付款)

  CONT Continued 繼續

  COW Crude oil washing 原油清洗

  CO-OP Cooperation 合作

  C/P,CP Charter party,Custom of port 租約,港口慣例

  CPA Closestpoint of approach 最接近距離

  CPD Charterers pay dues 租船人負責租金

  CQD Customary quick despatch 港口習慣快速裝卸(班輪條款)

  CR Current rate 現行費率

  CR Cost of repair 修理費用

  CR Carriers risks 承運人奉賢

  CS conventional ship 普通貨船

  CS Cargo subrogation 貨物代位求償(轉讓書)

  CS Chamber of shipping 航運協會

  CSC The International Convention for Safe Containers 國際集裝箱安全公約

  CT Containerized traffic 集裝箱運輸

  CT Container terminal 集裝箱碼頭

  CT Combined transport 聯運

  CTA Communicate ot all address 不保密(分送電)

  CTC Contact 聯系

  CTL Constructive total loss 推定金額

  CTN Carton 紙箱

  CTNR Container 集裝箱

  CUD Could 能,可以

  CUN The Charter of the United Nations 聯合國憲章

  CW Clock wise 順時針方向

關鍵詞: 海損 英國 租約 貨物



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